What to eat while traveling on Passover

Driving somewhere with you family? Flying to a destination? Taking a day trip? 

Ever felt like there were just no Kosher-for-Passover snacks that quite satisfied hunger and tasted good (let alone were nutritious!)? 

It can be hard already during the year, but Passover is especially difficult finding the right snacks! Many snacks are too salty (like chips) or just sugary (like macaroons). Those might taste good to kids, but now that I've grown up a little, those sure don't feel to satisfying to me anymore! 

Of course, part of the issue is that on Passover you can't really stop at any stores while travelling (unless you're in New York!) because there isn't any Kosher for Passover items available at standard stores. So the snack has to be something which can be stored. 

Luckily, this year we hope we can help with not just an option, but an incredible solution!

If you're looking for a great snack this holiday, Joburg Kosher's beef biltong is now available for Passover!

Here's what you need to know about our Biltong:

  1. It's the South African version of beef jerky
  2. It's premium shoulder beef which is tumbled in spices for days, and then authentically dried.
  3. It therefore has 1/3 of the salt of regular beef jerky, and nothing unnatural - amazingly, its HEALTHY!
  4. It's packed with protein, so it can energize you anywhere
  5. It needs NO refrigeration - can be taken from a snowstorm to a dessert!
  6. Its delicious - most people who try biltong never go back to regular beef jerky

We're thrilled to let people have this incredible snack for Passover!


The last day to order online is April, 7th 2014!


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