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According to some veteran attendees, this is the year of the sausage, with tow companies standing out from the rest. Jack's Gourmet based in Brooklyn, makes five types of sausages, sweet and hot italian, chrorizo, cured bratwuest, and Boerewors. The italians had a judicious amount of seasoning and plenty of fat. The chorizo was delicious, while not tasting even remotely like any chorizo I have ever, um read about. The bratwurst is tailor-made for sausage and peppers. The Boerewors, a traditional South African sausage was easily my favorite.

That is to say it was my favorite right up to the point I had found Joburg Kosher, which specializes in Boerewors. Go figure: I had never even heard of Boerewors before Kosherfest, and now I had multiple varieties. Celebrate diversity! The Merion Stationed based company was founded by South African native David Libesman, who, in his day job, is the founder of Satori group Budgeting Software firm in Conshohocken. Initially produced out of his house our of desperation for a decent kosher sausage, Liebesman started making Boerewors as a hobby. As demand for the unique sausages grew. Liebesman moved production to the Max and David's facility at Barrack. Now, business is s good that Libesman has signed a production company agreement with Abeles and heyman in Brooklyn, so it shouldnt be long before you will be able to pick up one of these juicy well spiced kosher sausages at a local market. In the meantime, you can order Boerewors and Biltong, the south African version of beed jerky by clicking on

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Joburg Kosher
Joburg Kosher