Area Business Owner Beefing Up on Kosher Sausage

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David Libesman, a South African expatriate residing in Merion Station -- already quite busily employed running a budgeting/forecasting software business, Satori Group -- was wistful for a staple food from his homeland, which he left 12 years ago. So Libesman got in the habit of making the food himself, and eventually decided, after much positive feedback from friends who tasted it, to make it widely available to the public..

The company he founded, Joburg Kosher Foods, LLC (www., now produces the South African staples of beef biltong (described on the company's website as "ready-to-eat, cured beef"), as well as beef boerewors (Afrikaans for "farmer's sausage"; pronounced "BORE-vorz""

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Joburg Kosher
Joburg Kosher