December 13, 2014

Safeway Biltong Giveaway

Win 1LB of Joburg Kosher Biltong

We're excited to announce Joburg Biltong only is now available at over 100 Safeway, Tom Thumb and Vons grocery stores around the U.S! 

Find us at your local Safeway and you can win 1LB of Biltong.


Here's how:

1. Start your "safari" and hunt down Joburg Biltong at your local Safeway using our store locator over 100 locations, see some examples cities below!)


2. Take a picture of Joburg Biltong at Safeway/Tom Thumb/Vons on the shelf (aka in the wild!) and e-mail it to


3. We'll randomly choose 3 winners and mail you a 1LB bag ($54 value) of Joburg Biltong!


Deadline for Giveaway Entry is December 18th!


Love Biltong? Let your family and friends know Joburg Kosher Biltong is now in the area by sharing this post.


Check our store locator for a complete list of Safeway locations that carry Joburg Kosher Biltong. 


November 15, 2014

Kosherfest 2014

It was an exciting year at Kosherfest with our new products. We could barely cook samples fast enough to keep up with demand! Our new Stokkies and Dried Salami were a hit. One of our favorite comments from the event was:

"...yours is the only product I keep walking back to!"


As we continue to expand in the next few months, our new products will be more widely available in stores throughout the U.S. In the meantime, you can order our new products online with free shipping on select specials.  


Try two packs of our new Stokkies in Garlic and Spicy Flavors 

as a bonus included in all of our 2014 Autumn Specials!




September 28, 2014

Feeding Our Troops

We've become an official sponsor of Kosher Troops. Kosher Troops is an organization dedicated to sending care packages helping troops celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat so they can feel connected to the Jewish community while away. 

When you purchase any Joburg Kosher products online or offline, you'll be helping to feed our troops. We recently sent a care package of Salamis for Rosh Hashanah and received a wonderful thank you letter in response. 

September 11, 2014

Discover the World's Finest Honey

We set out in search for an amazing addition to this year's Rosh Hashanah gift bags. Something hand-crafted with the same passion we have for our own gourmet products.

Knock your recipients socks off with...

"The World's Finest Honey..."

This year, all of our Rosh Hashanah Gift Bags will include hand-crafted artisanal honey from the Savannah Bee Company - "Home of the world's finest honey..." 



Learn more about Savannah Bee Company and our Rosh Hashanah Gift Bags

August 22, 2014

New Product: Old World Gourmet Salami Unveiled!

Introducing our new Old World Gourmet Salami...

Send your tastebuds on a South African journey while you savor the delicate, flavorful combination of premium beef and veal. These exquisite and delicious gourmet salami are available in Old World Garlic and Old World Spicy flavors.  

Get 25% OFF Old World Gourmet Salami!

Use discount code 


Available in Fresh and Fully Cook and Dried


Order in Time for Labor Day:

Use this elegantly crafted gourmet salami as an appetizer or main course, or in all sorts of delicious recipes, from stir fry to salad. Go gourmet for Labor Day!


Don't forget to use ReadyLaborDay2014 to get 25% off your order!

Shop Our Gourmet Salami Online >>



August 11, 2014

Don't wait till the last minute! - Labor Day Recipes and Deals

 What's your plan for Labor Day? Our online store makes it easy. Point, click and you'll be ready for an unforgettable gourmet BBQ in a jiffy. Imagine being stress free because your all set for Labor Day! If that's not reason enough...


Get 25% OFF Your Online Order!

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Not sure what to make for Labor Day? Here's a delicious recipe to get you started...



Gourmet Sausage Puffs

Makes 4 sausage puffs or 8 appetizer puffs


View Recipe >>

August 06, 2014

30% OFF Joburg Biltong!

Biltong is picking up steam in the USA and even getting media attention!

Given the high demand, we've had the opportunity to expand our operations and improve our handcrafted process and packaging. 
Our Biltong is better than ever and we want you to try it. 
 We're so sure you'll love it, for this week only we're offering 30% OFF all of our Biltong products!


Use discount code 
during step 2 of checkout




Handcrafting Biltong is a delicate process and this means each batch can vary in how moist it is... However, we've invested in carefully calibrated new tools to check moisture levels and we think we've hit the sweet spot, soft but not too moist.



Because our gourmet product is all natural and has no preservatives, even a pin-sized hole in the bottom seal can let in air, occasionally causing quality issues and returns. Our new 5/8" multi-point closure seal keeps air out and your gourmet biltong fresh.


This Week Only 30% OFF our Biltong Products!


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