30% OFF Joburg Biltong!

Biltong is picking up steam in the USA and even getting media attention!

Given the high demand, we've had the opportunity to expand our operations and improve our handcrafted process and packaging. 
Our Biltong is better than ever and we want you to try it. 
 We're so sure you'll love it, for this week only we're offering 30% OFF all of our Biltong products!


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Handcrafting Biltong is a delicate process and this means each batch can vary in how moist it is... However, we've invested in carefully calibrated new tools to check moisture levels and we think we've hit the sweet spot, soft but not too moist.



Because our gourmet product is all natural and has no preservatives, even a pin-sized hole in the bottom seal can let in air, occasionally causing quality issues and returns. Our new 5/8" multi-point closure seal keeps air out and your gourmet biltong fresh.


This Week Only 30% OFF our Biltong Products!


Use Discount Code
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