Safeway Biltong Giveaway

Win 1LB of Joburg Kosher Biltong

We're excited to announce Joburg Biltong only is now available at over 100 Safeway, Tom Thumb and Vons grocery stores around the U.S! 

Find us at your local Safeway and you can win 1LB of Biltong.


Here's how:

1. Start your "safari" and hunt down Joburg Biltong at your local Safeway using our store locator over 100 locations, see some examples cities below!)


2. Take a picture of Joburg Biltong at Safeway/Tom Thumb/Vons on the shelf (aka in the wild!) and e-mail it to


3. We'll randomly choose 3 winners and mail you a 1LB bag ($54 value) of Joburg Biltong!


Deadline for Giveaway Entry is December 18th!


Love Biltong? Let your family and friends know Joburg Kosher Biltong is now in the area by sharing this post.


Check our store locator for a complete list of Safeway locations that carry Joburg Kosher Biltong.