Joburg™ Kosher to introduce authentic South African Beef Biltong and Boerewors at Kosherfest 2010

For the first time ever, Kosherfest attendees will have the opportunity to taste authentic South African Kosher Biltong and Kosher Boerewors, courtesy of Joburg™ Kosher Foods. Delectable and satisfying, these gourmet quality, 100% beef products are made with a 40-year old family recipe brought to the U.S. from Johannesburg, or ‘Joburg’ as the natives call it, by David Libesman. Joburg™ Biltong and Beef Boerewors are currently available via the internet at and will be introduced in Kosher restaurants, institutional dining and specialty retail shops in December, with a broad-based expansion to Kosher retail grocery stores scheduled in the next 6 months. Joburg ™ Kosher products are produced in the USA under supervision of the OU.

Joburg™ Beef Boerewors, or ‘Farmer Sausage,’ add a new dimension to the gourmet sausage category. South Africans are passionate about their Boerewors, and for good reason. Joburg™ Beef Boerewors are marinated and spiced for a mouth-watering taste experience when grilled, fried in a skillet or broiled. Our Boerewors are not pre-cooked like most other Kosher sausages, but are packed and shipped frozen with an all natural, edible casing, gluten free with no nitrates, nitrites or preservatives. Great as a center plate entrée, in a roll or in a recipe, Joburg™ Beef Boerewors are available in Traditional, Garlic and spicy Peri- Peri flavors, in 4-pack/3oz links. “Boeries on the braai” is a national South African pastime characterized by the wonderful aroma, succulent flavor and warm atmosphere of a family barbecue. Now Kosher consumers in America can experience this, too!

Biltong is a staple in South Africa that is available in stores, butcher shops and roadside stands throughout the country. While Kosher Beef Jerky has been available in the U.S. market, Kosher Biltong offers an exciting, new taste experience. Made from premium cut beef, Joburg™ Kosher Biltong is marinated, dried and cured slowly over days through a unique process that results in a savory, satisfying and healthy snack that is low in calories, fat and carbs, with minimal salt, gluten free with no nitrates, nitrites or preservatives. Biltong requires no refrigeration and is a great travel companion. Joburg™ Biltong comes in Traditional, Black Pepper and spicy Peri-Peri flavors. Every chew releases more flavor for sustained enjoyment. It will be available in both individual 3oz servings as well as large bulk packs for restaurants and specialty shops.

About Joburg Kosher Foods, LLC

David Libesman’s father, Michael, started his career as a butcher 60 years ago. David arrived in the USA in 1998 and now resides in Merion Station, PA. For 11 years he tried unsuccessfully to find Biltong and Boerewors with the taste and texture that he grew up with. He then decided to bring back old family recipes and techniques for making these traditional delightful foods and do it himself.

After making a few batches of Biltong and Boerewors for personal use, David began to share the treat with friends and neighbors. To his surprise, people began to request orders for their friends, parties, or for themselves. The overwhelming demand led to the creation of Joburg™ Kosher Foods, LLC. The company’s mission is to be the first Kosher food manufacturer to make high quality, authentic South African Biltong and Boerewors widely available in specialty retail shops and food-service channels throughout the USA.

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