Biltong 2oz Pack

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Joburg™ Kosher Beef Biltong
Premium Ready-to-Eat, Cured Beef

Experience Biltong, the South African Style of Beef Jerky - healthy, energizing and bursting with flavor. 

The ideal on-the-go food, packed in zip-lock bag.

  • Biltong is a snack that is so satisfying, it’s like a meal!
  • Flavors: Traditional, Black Pepper, and Peri-Peri (Spicy).
  • Shelf stable- for convenient use at home, office, school, camp, business travel and vacation.
  • A fun and tasty appetizer – great in soups and salads.
  • 97% Fat Free. A good source of protein. Only 150 mg of salt per 2oz serving.
  • No Nitrates. No Nitrites. No Preservatives.
  • Marinated, seasoned and cured slowly for days in the unique South African style.

"Thanks again, for the best Biltong and Boerewors in America! The texture and flavor is fantastic! Reminds me of authentic South African biltong. I just placed a new order."

- Totsiens, Ed & Melissa