Biltong Case (12/2oz)

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Biltong Travel Pack
Premium Ready-to-Eat, Dried Beef

This package includes... 12 x 2 oz bags (1 case) of any one flavor you choose!

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  • Biltong is a snack that is so satisfying, it’s like a meal!
  • Flavors: Traditional, Black Pepper, Peri-Peri (Spicy).
  • Shelf stable- for convenient use at home, office, school, camp, business travel and vacation.
  • A fun and tasty appetizer – great in soups and salads.
  • 97% Fat Free. A good source of protein. Only 150 mg of salt per 2oz serving.
  • No Nitrates. No Nitrites. No Preservatives.
  • Marinated, seasoned and cured slowly for days in the unique South African style.


Experience Biltong, the South African Style of Beef Jerky - healthy, energizing and bursting with flavor.