About Biltong

"You haven't experienced beef jerky unless you've had it in South Africa." 

- Charlize Theron


Beef Jerky is a category, and Biltong is a specific type (South African style of course).

Typically Beef Jerky is dried through salting, and is often smoked or cooked. Sometimes the meat is ground up. It is often mixed with preservatives and various flavorings, as well as sugars, etc. Biltong is instead made in the authentic South African tradition.


The More You Chew - The Better It Tastes

Our beef is put into a tumbler with natural spices and tumbles for days. This is why you're able to taste all that flavor without any of the sugar or artifical flavors that typical beef jerky needs to get flavor. Further, this allows more and more flavor to be released with each bite of finished product.


Then each slab of meat is literally hung by hand in a special area for it to dry. It is cured through the combination of vinegar and air drying in a low humidity place. 

Following this process and its South African tradition means that our jerky (we call it biltong) is full of real beef taste - not that of artificial flavors, while also having all the health benefits of beef. 


Experience the Robust Flavor of South Africa - No Travel Necessary

Now you can experience the robust flavor of South African Biltong without traveling to South Africa (and no outrageous shipping fees). All of our products are produced, Kosher Certified and USDA Certified in our space at the renowned Real Kosher food factory in Newark, New Jersey. 


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A Brief History and Background of Biltong.

Biltong is a South African Food. The word comes from Dutch with ‘BIL’ meaning buttock and ‘TONG’ meaning strip. Biltong has been around for centuries; for instance, a more primitive form, the Dutch tassal, was also prepared in certain areas of France during the late Middle Ages. Tassal was also made in Batavia, and made its way to South Africa with the Dutch settlers where it was adapted to the less pungent biltong.

Biltong has been a favorite with South African food eaters for close on 400 years now. This mildly spiced and salted, cured Beef is marinated and seasoned and cured slowly for days in the unique South African style. South African dried meat, has sustained these people since the early days of the Voortrekkers.

No Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Boxing or other sporting occasion in South Africa - whether it be watched live or on television - is quite complete without a few beers and a good supply of Biltong. It also makes a great traveling companion as it can last for long periods of time with very little attention, always providing sustenance in the absence of other foods or delicacies. Biltong is now becoming very popular in the USA and is becoming the preferred choice for Beef Jerky afficianados because of it's natural homemade beef jerky taste.

Biltong is used in a multitude of ways to complement other dishes: thinly sliced as a filling for omelets, sliced or shredded as a filling for pancakes, crepes and quiches, salads, and spreads. Of course, the South African farmer's favorite: plenty of shredded Biltong on a slice of freshly baked bread with plenty of butter. People are always looking for a good Biltong Recipe or Beef Jerky Recipe. We will include many of our Biltong Recipes in our Biltong recipe page to show you how to make your favorite South African beef jerky dish.

There are typically two main types of biltong – Beef Biltong and Game Biltong. Both are good, but some people prefer one above the other. Lamb, pork and poultry are not used for biltong, although ostrich meat makes good biltong and is popular in South Africa it is not Kosher. Beef is probably the most popular and most delicious of all of all Biltongs.