Our products are fresh, hand crafted and delicate, thus our careful focus on uncompromising shipping quality.


Shipments are sent out from our warehouses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Orders are typically shipped out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and will arrive within 1-3 days via FedEx, occasionally allowing extra time to ensure our customers get the freshest batches. International shipping is available and calculated during checkout. If you have any questions regarding shipping (domestic or international), contact us at


Please contact us for special request. If the order is related to a specific holiday we carefully plan out shipments to reach all recipients in time.


 Cold temperature shipping is used for our Boerewors, Gourmet Sausages and (non-dried) Salami products. 

These products are shipped in a specially designed, insulated box. Dry Ice (-109 F) blocks are placed inside keeping the product cold or frozen, as is necessary, while keeping the box light and clean upon arrival.

Shipments requiring dried ice are organized such that they wont be in transit over a weekend.




We are also able to ship large quantities directly, such as for caterers and retailers. Orders can also be fulfilled to these channels through our network of distributors - please contact for more details.